Scott Hayes

lives and works in Vienna, Austria

scott hayes bearskin 1996Bearskin, 1996

Australia, 1963

Bachelor of Arts (Economics and Social Sciences)

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Media Art, Hornsby College of TAFE

Individual Exhibitions 2005 Temporary, Galeria 44, Genova, Italy 2003 Studio exhibition, Paris 2001 Yet to be remembered, Blanche, Paris 2000 Elements of Editing, Galerie Urs Meile, Luzern Fragments, Studio exhibition, Paris 1999 Space1999, Mori Gallery, Sydney, Performance with Boomerang, Project 11, Sydney 1997 $2 madness, 151 Regent Street, Sydney 1996 Solicitude, Mori Gallery, Sydney, Disequilibrium, CBD Gallery, Sydney 1992 Icon Drive, Mori Gallery, Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions 2008 W is for Warsaw, Galerie Magazin, Berlin 2007 Achtung! Umpolen, Freiraum Museum Quartier Vienna 2006 Serious Work, Galerie Phillip Mc Conchie, Monaco 2004 Agora, Grandi Foermati, Arte in Piazza, Bordighera, Italy, Born tobe a star, Künstlerhaus, Vienna 2003 Screening series, kunstlerhaus, Vienna. 37 bis, Maison du Fauboourg, Paris 2002 Experiments on the Body without Organs, Symposium, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna, Monsters & Miracles, Screenings series, Cinema im Z-Bar, Berlin. La Nuit Blanche, 37 bis, Paris. 2001 War Artists, BBQ Project Berlin, The Big Yellow Bus, BBQ Project, Berlin, Every body gets laid, Tobey Fine Arts, New York, Peddler of Death, Galerie Phillip Mc Conchie, Monaco 2000 Sydney!Vienna! at Depot, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna 1997 Screensummer, Science Theatre, University of NSW, Sydney 1996 Ocular, 10th Biennale of Sydney event, Pendulum Gallery, Sydney, Open, 151 Regent Street Gallery, Sydney, Cast Existence, De Gele Rijder Gallery, Ahrnem, Holland, How Much Do You Love Me ?, 151 Regent Street Gallery, Sydney 1995 No Holds Barred, Airspace, Sydney, Pendulum Gallery, Sydney 1993 Artspace, Sydney 1992 Mori Gallery, Mori Gallery, Sydney

Performance 2004 Born tobe a star, Künstlerhaus, Vienna 2003 Cindy Lutèce and Harry Dangler, (with Robert Mann.), Cafe de la Plage, Paris. Cindy Lutèce, Fluc nightclub, Vienna 2001 Cindy Lutèce Live (with special guest Harry Dangler), (with Robert Mann), Café Dorémi, Paris, French Mistress, BBQ Project Berlin, Kundalini wants his hand back, (with Sam Hughes & Mishka Borowski), Berlin, Rockgods, (with Sam Hughes & Mishka Borowski), Paris, White Trash, Black Magic and the Goddess, (with Tempo and Mishka Borowski), Paris 2000 Phillip Mc Cochie , Live !, Dublin, Ireland, Drink me piping hot, (with Snezana Giljaca), Paris, Drunken Kangaroo (with Tony Schwensen), Vienna 1999 Performance with Boomerang, Sydney, Suffocation, Paris, Hostage, Paris 1995 Tumescence (das narrenschiff), Sydney 1994 Raft (painting performance), Sydney 1980-92 Oregan49, DOA, Giles Goat Boy, Tripoids, Gothika Mortis (collaboration with Brian House)

Partial Videography/filmography (from 1992) 2007 CDC Episode 2 : The (conspiracy) Theory of Art, 12m CDC Episode 3 : Tolerance. 13m CDC Episode 4 : Money, 13m CDC Episode 5 : Formalism, 12 The Last Bureaucrat on Earth, 19m 2006 CDC Episode 1 : The End of the World, 9:30m 2005 Unknownsomewhere, 16:45 mins, L"histoire d'Angleterre, 4:04 mins, Sea 1, 5:44 mins 2004 Odysseus, 17 mins 2003 Feu de St Jean, projection, 15 mins 2002 Penelope, 3:30 mins Drink me piping hot, 1:50 mins 2001 Cindy, 7,51 min Yet to be remembered, 2 hr 100, rue Vignon, 4 min drink me piping hot, 5 mins 2000 Been down so long looks like up to me, 7 min Le monde des enfants, 3 mins The elements of editing, 2 tapes of 30 min 1999 Performance with Boomerang, 17 mins (tape 1 camera Jay Balbi, tape 2 camera Stephen Zepke) Hostage, NYE 1999-2000, 1 hr Suffocation, 20 mins Masturbation, 5 mins 1997 Tower II Berlin, 5,21 min Documeta X, 5,31 min Sunsets on silicon, 30 mins 1996 Transcend your hidden power II, 1 hr 1995 The Ghost Train, 24 mins Transcend your hidden power, 12 mins Something about the nature of being, 3 mins The Lord of the rings, 3 mins 1994 Projection and dissolution, 45 min Conscience/conscieness, 18 mins Raft (painting ), 1 hr 1993 The Cyberama Gestalt, 40 min 1992 Ice Age, 90 min Window, 2 hours Ice Age II, 8 mins Web Projects 2001 1997-2000 t_raum

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