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claudia mongini

scott hayes

  the art work of scott hayes, australian born contemporary artist practicing in the field of performance, video, painting and installation. Scott Hayes has exhibited since 1992 in Australia, France, Germany, Austria, USA and Holland. Works include the contempoaray artist and performer cindy lutece and Phillip McConchie, Gallerist. Within this site are examples of performance, painting, video and exhibitions of Scott Hayes, contemporary artist. Hayes often works with ideas and concepts expressed in the work of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari in order to create a vital artwork of becomings, whether this be in the fiels of Video, painting or performance.Hayes has lived in Europe since 1997 and has exhibited and performed in various institutions and off-space galleries. Hayes' work derives from a particular subjectivity based on the relation to space and is often autobiographical or semi autobiographical in nature. In addition to the painting. video and performance work, hayes also collec